Find a Life Group

People can easily feel a bit disconnected from a church. They can attend church, be part of a large crowd, but never really get involved, make friends, develop their spiritual gifts, or be accountable in a practical way.

Being part of a Life Group provides the opportunity to fulfill these important elements of church life. Life Group leaders are also available to pray, visit, and support their members. Life Groups meet once a month, and we encourage you to get plugged in to a Life Group.

Some groups meet the second weekend and others meet the fourth weekend of the month. If you are not sure which Life Group to visitor for more information, contact Jeanne Zakem at or by calling our offices.

Second Weekend Life Groups

Pastors Sean and Mallory Seise
Fate, TX
All ages are welcome at this Life Group, but no children please.
Jennifer Lopez
Location changes monthly
This Life Group is for moms of all ages.
Jeanne Zakem
Meets at a restaurant after Sunday services
This Life Group is for widows and older women.
Cam and Janey Knight
Rockwall, TX
This Life Group is available for all ages.

Fourth Weekend Life Groups

Pastors Ryan and Andrea Hankins
Royse City, TX
This Life Group is available for all ages.
Pastors Jordan and Carolina Miller
Meets the 4th Sunday of every month.
Location changes monthly.
This Life Group is available for grades 6th-12th